There is a debate going on which is the better way to work in 2022, private office space or coworking?

Both have their advantages but today we are going to chat about the advantages of private office space in our Dublin office building. Although coworking is on the rise, it has been noted that 60% of businesses still prefer to base their business in a private office space.


Here are a few benefits of private office in Dublin, according to us!


An office base

Every business is different. Some businesses require more travel than others but everyone needs a base! Having a base means somewhere that your employees can use whenever they need for meetings, delving into work or simply just separating home and work life. Basing your business in our Dublin private office space means your business has a steady base that your employees can use whenever they need it.



This is probably one of the most important aspects of private office space. A private office can give your business the confidentiality it needs. The Soco Suites private offices ensure privacy for your Dublin office alongside other perks! Including dedicated lines, secure underground parking, a locker and a keypad entry plus CCTV.


Control your private office

Having your own office space in Blackrock, Dublin means you have control of your own space. Simple things like keeping stationery, laptop, pens and even your favourite chair! It can also allow you to better control the appearance of your office space, adding touches such as branding or merchandise.


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We all know productivity is extremely important to a business and there are simply no disadvantages to private Dublin office space when it comes to productivity. You and your employees can control the noise level and the space you have and it limits distractions from others.


Atmosphere within a private office

The atmosphere of your office is known to have a direct impact on the function of your business. A private office space lends a sense of permanence and importance to a business. Our Dublin private office is also easily adaptable to meet your needs, adding a personable appeal to your headquarters. Renting a physical space also makes it easier to build a recognisable and trustworthy brand.


Create the atmosphere your business needs to thrive!


Employee sociability

No matter what people want to socialise in some shape or form. There is no denying that a friendship between colleagues can lead to productivity, creativity and an all-around good atmosphere within your workplace. 


There you have it, just a few reasons why we, at Soco Suites, think a private office space in Dublin could be the best choice for your business. Take a look at other aspects of Soco Suites here.