There is something to be said about the use of virtual office space. As the way we do business is changing, the connections between different countries around the world and working from home. Having a virtual address in Dublin can open up a lot of opportunities for your business. 

At SOCO Suites, we offer tailored virtual office packages to help you get your business set up in Ireland. A prestigious business address with all the support required to get your remote team up and running. Take a look at, what we think, are the benefits of a virtual address in Ireland.

Help your business appear more professional

Your business may not be large enough to move into an office space. You may prefer to work from home or your business may be ready to take on another city. Using a physical business address and phone number on your business cards, website, and email increases trust in your business.

Choosing a virtual office address in a well-known area, such as Blackrock, Dublin can create a positive impression of your business. The advantage of a virtual office means you can have a prestigious business address in the city and work from your home in the country. All this whilst maintaining credibility, professionalism and prestige.

Work from anywhere with a Dublin virtual address

Another key benefit of a virtual address is the ability to log on from wherever you may be. Virtual offices are ideal for those who want to work remotely. As it gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere you want. The great thing about SOCO Suites is that while you hold a Dublin virtual address with us, you can take advantage of our membership benefits!


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Increased employee productivity

Some say having a virtual office can increase the productivity of your employees. As we became accustomed to working from home, many of us didn’t want to go back to the office. Well, full-time at least. A virtual office allows your employees to choose whether they would like to work from home or not. 

If you have a membership with us your business can use our virtual Dublin address. Not only that, your employees can make use of our co-working space if they wish for a change of scenery during the working day. 

This makes for a happier work-life balance for all!


Increase your business reach

Something you may not have thought of is your business’s access to a larger talent pool. When working from anywhere you are not restricted to only hiring talent in the area where your office is. A virtual office allows you to hire the best talent regardless of where they are located. 

Have your pick of the best without travel getting in the way!


Become more cost-effective

One of the main advantages of a virtual office is that they are much more cost-effective than a traditional physical office. Most importantly, why many choose a virtual address. This is because you pay for a prestigious business address without paying the large rents that come with it. 

Having an office in major cities and counties can make a big dent in your business cost. By choosing a virtual office address you can reduce costs of commuting and transportation, office equipment, office maintenance and utilities, the cost of a full-time receptionist, relocation costs, work attire… to name a few things.

You are better investing in your business than paying extortionate rent prices!

Expand your business with a virtual address

Expanding your business often means relocating, extra stress, paying larger fees and many other aspects that most businesses do not have time for. If you have a visual office you can easily grow your business without having a move an inch. SOCO Suites virtual office space is a lower cost and stress-free alternative to traditional expansion.

Because space is not a limiting factor, growing businesses can use a virtual office address to establish a presence in Blackrock, Dublin and allows you to test out the Dublin market without the cost of relocating to that area.

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Support for your business

The SOCO Suites virtual office address package includes many other features that are there for your business to take advantage of. When you become a member of SOCO Suites you will have access to not only our Dublin office address but our other features. Our Blackrock co-working area can be used by members at any time, this is great for networking with other businesses in the area. You will also be able to make use of our meetings rooms if your client requires to meet in person or the team needs to get together for a catch-up. 


To find out more about SOCO Suites virtual offices, contact us today or visit our website.